Faces of those who are volunteers at the French Red Cross

International Award winning series

Few minutes before midnight I arrived at the Nice train station in France. Just after I found an empty chair a man from the train company yelled that we couldn't sleep in the train station. We had to move out. We had to go out and sleep outside, in the street.
Students, travellers, businessmen, men and women, children and olders, regardless of our status in society, we all ended up sleeping outside, waiting for our early trains.

International Award winning series

This series of photos came from a special place and time during a wandering in the streets of Brussels. In front of the entrance of the oldest galleria of Europe, during certain hours of the day, there is a ray of light that pierces the darkness and light up the people. I spent one week trying to get the best results to tell uniques stories about each person in this series.

Shortlisted Sony International Photography Awards

Photojournalism pictures from France

Ceramic Art - Atelier Kylix

Candid shots from around the world